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studio 103

a collective of Jesus-loving creatives and professionals



A studio for Jesus loving people to work and create.

WHERE: storefront/warehouse in North Vancouver

WHO:  3-5 Christian artists or professionals


This is open to artists, photographers, graphic designers, people who work from their laptop… it’s flexible. 

You might be the right fit IF... love Jesus are an artist/creative, an entrepreneur, or work from home, want to create alongside people who share your faith



Located in a warehouse storefront in North Vancouver, studio 103 has an open floor with a shared lounge space, washroom, AND dedicated personal spaces. 

There are VERY limited spots… and these spots are filled by application ONLY.  

1-2 Creative “studio” like spaces for a visual artist, photographer or someone who needs a more spacious + permanent set up

$750-1350 per month


1-3 work spaces for graphic designers or professionals who need a smaller area (designated desk set up AND shared lounge area)

$350-600 per month


The space will be mostly furnished by me with option to bring in some of your own pieces with permission.  I plan to create a calm, modern, and inviting studio that feels like home.  I will be collecting a variety of vintage, thrifted, and new pieces to make this happen. My inspo gallery below.

Functional. Minimal. Clean. 


A work space outside from your home (where a lot of artists end up) dedicating to working and creating 

You’re not sharing this space with random people.  These are hand picked people who LOVE JESUS and love what they do.  AND we know that working alongside Christ loving people BUILDS US UP.  Creating or working from home can be lonely and it doesn’t have to be this way! 

There is opportunity to host small events like gallery openings and networking… a GOLDMINE for people in the creative world.  Never worry about a place to show your work again or a space to invite your clients to meet you in person.

Other benefits: Near by a gym, grocery stores, coffee shops, and more.  Friendship and fellowship.  Networking.  Storefront visibility for your business.​

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