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commission inquiries

Working with you to make art we both love is so special... it is a deep joy and a deep honour to be invited into someone's life creatively.  An attempt to capture a moment, a feeling, a lesson, or a memory that is important to another.  

A commission is art that brings your personal meaning into your home.


commission process.

I will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece. This process includes collaborating together to gather inspiration from your space and previous works of mine to create visual information incorporating the colours and compositions you have in mind for the work. .

A few typical sizes options with commission prices are:

12"x12” for $275
18”x24” for $525
24"x30" for $720
36"x36" for $1200
36"x48" for $1750

48"x60" for $2400


You also may request a different size. 

50% deposit upfront, and 50% upon completion of the project.

You can expect a 2-6 month turnaround once your application process moves forward.
*Note- not everyone will be guaranteed a commission.*

Please fill out the inquiry below :)


inquire about a commission here.

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